Talking Windows

While the majority of the world can enjoy the benefits of technology while staying home, the underprivileged and most vulnerable lack the resources to join in.

Using windows and ordinary objects, we created a poster series of visual language that unifies neighbors in simple moments of human kindness.

Showcase your party spirit

Have fun

You can still have fun from a distance. Decorate your windows with objects in your house to let others know you are ready for some social interaction…at a distance of course.


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Draw a rainbow

Spread happiness

Paint rainbows, hearts, or positive messages to remind everyone we are in this together.


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Share your number on a note

Offer help

If you are able-bodied, let your elderly neighbors know you are available to run errands. Share your phone number so they can give you a call.


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Display a tea cup or mug

Chat together

If you are looking for some company, place a mug in your window so neighbors know you are up for a good conversation through the window.


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Place an empty tote bag outside

Seek support

If you can’t get to the grocery or pharmacy, hang a tote bag outside to let your neighbors know you need a bit of assistance.


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Hang something red

Raise alarm

We know home isn’t always safe for everyone. If you are in a scary home situation and unable to call for help, hang something red from your window so others can call for you.


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Coloring pages

Plan your window decorations, or just design some inspiration for others, by downloading the printable coloring pages.


Share your window

Share your windows on Instagram and Twitter to spread the message and inspire others to participate. Tag @talking_windows and use the hashtag #talkingwindows and we’ll repost your windows.



Sticker pack

Spread the #talkingwindows message by using these stickers in your social posts and messages. Visit our Giphy page or search for #talkingwindows on your Instagram app

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